DragonBreath Powder 500g
DragonBreath Powder 500g
DragonBreath Powder 500g

DragonBreath Powder 500g

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Set the atmosphere alight, wow your audience with this amazing, awe-inspiring fire effect. Elitist DragonBreath Lycopodium powder is a super fine dust-like material that rapidly ignites when airborne and exposed to an ignition source. DragonBreath consists purely of very fine spores with a high fat content and high surface area in relation to their overall volume. The particles, when clumped together into a pile, will not ignite, however, each individual particle is highly flammable on it’s own, and super-lightweight, so when large amounts are dispersed into the air, each individual particle can separately burn rapidly, setting into motion a chain reaction between the other particles, creating a brilliant flash effect.

DragonBreath, when implemented and dispersed properly will create large, stunning fire trails in the air, accompanied by an ever-satisfying “hiss” sound. When used in conjunction with an Elitist Lycopodium prop, the possibilities with this material are endless. DragonBreath is a must have for any serious performer that seeks to add that next level to their routine. Through DragonBreath you will increase your repertoire of skills tenfold as it takes you to the next level in your fire performing career. To be able to harness and unleash such an impressive flame in a controlled environment takes real talent and expertise. Can you handle it?

Elitist DragonBreath is available in 250g, 500g, and 1kg varieties for your selection. They are lovingly packaged into resealable pouring spout bags for your convenience. The carefully considered packaging allows for ease of handling, and will help you safely and cleanly pour your powder into your fire prop. When you have poured your powder into your fire prop, be sure to reseal your bag tightly, and keep your prop upright so as to not cause spillage of the powder on to the floor or elsewhere into your immediate environment.

Elitist DragonBreath, though impressive and vibrant in its rapid combustibility, must be handled with extreme caution and care. DragonBreath is to be used and handled only by professional fire performers as it is highly flammable when airborne and when not handled correctly and safely can pose serious risk to people and the surrounding environment. Do not use Lycopodium Powder indoors or in an enclosed space. Keep well clear of the people when using Lycopodium. Do not use where you may come into contact with any obstruction such as walls, buildings, objects, or animals/plants. Do not use DragonBreath if any wind is present whatsoever as it may blow the flames and spores in unintended directions. Keep DragonBreath out of reach of children and untrained persons.

Always use DragonBreath in a safe environment. When using DragonBreath, ensure you have another person in your immediate environment that is willing and able to assist you should an accident happen or a problem arise. Keep appropriate means of extinguishing the flame in your immediate environment, unobstructed, and easy to access and operate. A good example would be a dry chemical or foam extinguisher, or a water soaked wet towel. Avoid inhaling the Lycopodium spores, and avoid direct contact with skin. Store in a cool, shaded, dry place, out of direct sunlight and free from direct exposure to an external heat source or an ignition source. Product material safety data sheet is available upon request from www.elitistcreations.com.au through the “About Us” page.

DragonBreath is intended for professional use only. Always seek appropriate training before using Lycopodium. Do not ingest or inhale the Lycopodium spores.

First Aid Measures

Ingestion: Call physician or poison control centre. Induce vomiting only if advised by appropriate medical personnel. Do not administer mouth-to-mouth.

Eye Contact: Check for and remove contact lenses. Flush thoroughly with water for 15 minutes, lifting upper and lower eyelids occasionally. Seek medical attention.

Skin Contact: Flush area with water and soap. If irritation occurs, seek medical attention.

Inhalation: Remove to fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. Seek medical attention.

For advice or if poisoning occurs, contact Poisons Information Centre (Australia 13 1126), phone a doctor, or phone emergency services.