Welcome to Elitist, we are dedicated to providing you with fire performing equipment that is of the highest quality whilst surpassing industry standards for safety and reliability. With these core industry values upheld, we continue to go beyond expectation by providing products that are meticulously designed and are destined to add that missing element of character and flair to your performances. 

Each product is lovingly hand made with the utmost precision and care, before being carefully individually wrapped and shipped to your location quickly and reliably. We are ever seeking opportunities to better our products and services, and readily keep up to date on all industry trends and developments which allows us to instantly provide you with what you need to give your audiences that high quality performance that you know you are able to deliver given the right equipment and supplies. 

We feature custom designed products that appear nowhere else in the market, and are constantly working to deliver more products that are both aesthetically appealing and uniquely designed, as well as functionally reliable and manageable in a performance. The products we deliver are lightweight and strong which makes your job easier and reliable as you manipulate them and flow with them during your routine. You can perform with the confidence that our products are the top of the range and will give you the power to perform better and more amazing than ever before. 

We at Elitist have years of experience in the fire performing and entertainment industry and know what it takes to deliver an impressive show. We have ingrained this experience and knowledge into all our products so they are designed around the requirements of fire performers, and with the consideration of performance parameters and the ever growing expectations of the crowds that watch, eager to be impressed beyond the abilities of your run-of-the-mill fire performer. 

At Elitist, we have a deep appreciation for the earth and the beauty and power it possesses, with this in mind we manufacture our products with environmentally sustainable materials and construction methods. We incorporate the design of nature into our products as the flow and spirit of the earth is, in our opinion, the paramount of design and structure given millions of years of evolution and development. We harness this power and energy in our design and production, and pass it on to you, the consumer, so you may release it through your own means of expression through performance. 

If you would like to check out more examples of what we have to offer, feel free to visit our Facebook and Instagram pages @elitistcreations. If you wish to contact us directly, contact our head of customer relations below.