Jahwa Fire Fans - Pair
Jahwa Fire Fans - Pair
Jahwa Fire Fans - Pair
Jahwa Fire Fans - Pair
Jahwa Fire Fans - Pair
Jahwa Fire Fans - Pair
Jahwa Fire Fans - Pair
Jahwa Fire Fans - Pair

Jahwa Fire Fans - Pair

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The picture of elegance and flirtatious style, the Elitist Jahwa Fans capture the beauty and power of the flame at your fingertips. Available in two sizes, the Jahwa fans are perfect for both smaller, more intimate, indoor performances, as well as out door spectaculars where you can really let your freedom fly.


The Jahwa Fans never fail to impress, they really come into their own in larger spaces where you can spread your wings and present a spectacular performance. The abundance of flame glows super bright and vibrant, an effect that is sure to dazzle any audience. At 45 cm in length from tip to tail, the Jumbo Jahwa Fans grant you a longer reach and wider arm span which makes for some seriously dramatic effect that will instantly mesmerise and hypnotise even the harshest of critics.

The Jahwa Fans will grant you the much sought after element of surprise as their retractable design allows them to be both completely closed and fully open and the flick of a wrist, an effect that is sure to dazzle any audience as they watch on eagerly. The patented design of the Jahwa Fans employs two twists in each of the prongs, adding a stylish and bold appearance, but more importantly, this design allows the prongs to interlock when folded up, creating a more complete look when in the closed position. Furthermore this rotational design allows your fingers to be in contact with a completely flat, smooth surface as your perform. This not only protects your skin from abrasion and damage, but also allows you to execute your skills more efficiently as you can gain more leverage on the fans themselves.  

The robust, lightweight design consists of five high grade aluminium prongs with the perfect amount of wicking on each end. The prongs are joined together by marine grade stainless steel cables, and are bolted firm and strong at the bottom end. The high quality of these materials means your Jahwa Fans are destined to stand the test of time. 

Adding to the feel and comfort of the Jahwa Fans, we have incorporated soft contact padding in the areas in contact with your fingers, this is another way we here at Elitist, ensure your experience with our products provides maximum comfort, and compliments your skills and abilities. The contact padding hugs your fingers just firm enough to allow for ease of flow and perfect movement during your routine. As you twist, turn, and manipulate the fans, the padding provides extra grip so these skills can be performed with flawless technique every time.  

The Jahwa Fans feature an adjustable bolt at the base which not only holds them all together, but allows for the expanding and retracting motion of the fans. This bolt can be very easily tightened or loosed at your pleasure. The tighter you go, the more firm the retractability will become. If you wish to tighten it the whole way, the fan will remain in it’s current position, and as you loosen the fan the retractibility will become easier and more fluent. Each performer has their own preference as to the tightness of the retraction, that is why we have set it at a moderate tightness, and your are free to set it at the level that is perfect for you. This bolt is specially designed to stay in it’s exact position, so you need not worry about the nut rattling loose during your routine. 

Your flame wicks are manufactured of a high grade, top quality Kevlar®-cotton compound, wrapped in abundance around each prong. This professionally considered ratio of Kevlar® and cotton is interwoven in such a way that ensures maximum absorption and retainment of fuel within the wick itself, minimising excess dripping and increasing the burn-time of the flame when ignited. Furthermore, the abundance of high thread count Kevlar® among the cotton provides reinforcement, like a protective skeleton that protects from degradation and increases the longevity of your wicks. 

When your first receive your brand new fans, be sure to soak each wick for at least a few minutes in your firespinning fuel, just for the first ignition. Every other time, you are free to dip your wick for as long or a short as you wish. But it is a good idea for the first ever fuel submersion to be for 1 - 2 minutes, this will fully soak your wick ensuring the entire wick is fuelled right through and the flame will not degrade the kevlar or cotton. This will make your wicks last a lot longer and save you money and precious time. 

As part of our quality guarantee, we here at Elitist offer a 6 month warranty on all fire equipment sold. We are confident the quality of our products will exceed your expectations. We are more than happy to accept product returns should you happen to change your mind upon purchasing one of our products providing it has not been ignited. 

If you require any customisation to the design of this product, or have a completely different design in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us through our easy to access custom orders page as we are happy and excited to work with you in making your idea come to life.

Bantam Jahwa Fans Specifications:

 Total Length 300mm
Total Width When Open 540mm
Total Width When Closed 185mm
Wicks 5 x 2 inch x 300mm


Jumbo Jahwa Fans Specifications:

Total Length 420mm
Total Width When Open 560mm (expandable at customers request)
Total Width When Closed 200mm
Wicks 5 x 2 inch x 400mm