Dragon Lance
Dragon Lance
Dragon Lance
Dragon Lance

Dragon Lance

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Harness the power and unleash the fury of the Elitist Dragon Lance. At a whopping 900mm in length, this fire prop holds a considerable amount of DragonBreath powder allowing for a vibrant, long lasting Lycopodium performance. Wow your audiences and stun your critics with the amazement that ensues as you operate your Elitist Dragon Lance. They are amazing when used individually, and infinitely more impressive if you can dual wield them, delivering the ultimate in fire performing versatility. 

The design is simple yet super effective as it features a shaft that is 25mm in diameter. This allows for a generous volume of DragonBreath powder storage within the prop itself, and will prolong the duration of your performance. Swing your Dragon Lance in a large arc motion to adequately release an abundant amount of powder which will ignite in an impressive flame cloud. 

A testament to the carefully considered design, your Elitist Dragon Lance features an easily adjustable, mechanically tapered tip which is factory pre-set to roughly 20mm. This will control the outflow of DragonBreath powder to a carefully pre-considered appropriate flow rate allowing for the perfect amount of powder to flow out that will deliver the most magnificent, optimum fire cloud for your fire displays, whilst also taking into consideration the level of safety that is to be considered when operating DragonBreath props. The tapered tip will stop too much powder coming out at once and spilling everywhere, and will also prevent large chunks of powder mixed with fuel from being released into your environment which could cause a fire hazard. 

Your specially designed Dragon Lance tapered tip, however, is easily adjustable to the full 25mm diameter of the Lance itself, simply use a pair of pliers to gently pry open the taper to your desired diameter. We have left the taper unsealed and have annealed the tip to slightly soften the tapered section to allow ease of adjustment. 

The 25mm diameter of the Dragon Lance fits perfectly in your palm. The larger circumference allows for reliable and safe powder release, with enough wiggle room to promote ease of manipulation of the Lance whichever direction you intend to steer it.

Further aiding mobility and manoeuvrability, your Dragon Lance will be equipped with a 2mm thick, soft foam reinforced, high durability rubber grip handle. As you hold you Dragon Lance the soft foam will hug your fingers providing perfect comfort as the rubber grips to your hand to prevent slipping during your routine, allowing for the impeccable execution of DragonBreath release manoeuvres. 

To load your Dragon Lance, simply pour the DragonBreath powder into the top opening of your Lance whilst it is upright and unlit, be sure to hold it upright to prevent spillage of the powder, ignite the wick, and swing your Dragon Lance to release the powder. The DragonBreath will be forced out the end due to inertia and “apparent centrifugal force”, before igniting from the wick flame as it becomes airborne. You need not worry about the flame travelling down the shaft of your Lance as the powder can and will only ignite if it is puffed into the air similar to a cloud of dust. 

We very much trust in the professional capabilities of the operators of our equipment, and have faith in the assurance that purchasers of our equipment will handle and operate it in a safe environment and appropriate manner, however safety is of the utmost importance to us, and we believe it is very much worth mentioning that your Elitist Dragon Lance are only to be operated by experienced professional fire performers. Only use your Lance outdoors, and when no wind is present. It would be unwise to use your Lance within close vicinity of people, objects, props, fuels, buildings, or infrastructure. 

Your flame wick is manufactured of a high grade, top quality Kevlar®-cotton compound, wrapped in abundance on the end of the Lance. This professionally considered ratio of Kevlar® and cotton is interwoven in such a way that ensures maximum absorption and retention of fuel within the wick itself, minimising excess dripping and increasing the burn-time of the flame when ignited. Furthermore, the abundance of high thread count Kevlar® among the cotton provides reinforcement, like a protective skeleton that protects from degradation and increases the longevity of your wicks. 

When your first receive your brand new Dragon Lance, be sure to soak the wick for at least a few minutes in your firespinning fuel, just for the first ignition. Every other time, you are free to dip your wick for as long or as short as you wish. But it is a good idea for the first ever fuel submersion to be for 2-3 minutes, this will fully soak your wick ensuring the entire wick is fuelled up right through and the flame will not degrade the kevlar or cotton. This will make your wick last a lot longer and save you money and precious time.

As part of our quality guarantee, we here at Elitist offer a 6 month warranty on all fire equipment sold. We are confident the quality of our products will exceed your expectations. We are also more than happy to accept product returns should you happen to change your mind upon purchasing one of our products providing it has not been ignited. 

If you require any customisation to the design of this product, or have a completely different design in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us through the custom order form on our homepage and we are happy and excited to work with you in making your idea come to life.