Flash Twins - Fire Staff Pair 3 Inch Wicks
Flash Twins - Fire Staff Pair 3 Inch Wicks
Flash Twins - Fire Staff Pair 3 Inch Wicks
Flash Twins - Fire Staff Pair 3 Inch Wicks
Flash Twins - Fire Staff Pair 3 Inch Wicks

Flash Twins - Fire Staff Pair 3 Inch Wicks

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Two is always better than one, the Elitist Flash Twins are a dynamically explosive pair of perfectly sized fire staffs tailored to the exact requirements necessary for successfully dual wielding. Their super lightweight design allows for them to be twisted, turned, released and caught, whipped, rolled, and whirled with ease. At 900mm in length, the Flash Twins can be safely rotated at arms length directly in from of the body, and are also easily interchangeable between your hands. These staffs can be easily passed in, around, and between one another for dramatic effect and will have you executing dazzling manoeuvres with stunning show quality. Witness, first hand, your skillset potential increase ten fold as you add this deadly duo to your arsenal of equipment. The possibilities are endless.

The Flash twins are compact enough to be safely and reliably used for indoor shows, whilst also producing enough flash and flame for a beautiful outdoors routine. Team up with a mate and you can create dramatic fight choreography and impressive duo performances. The Elitist Flash Twins are sure to help you unlock your true potential as a fire performer, as well as expanding your skillset so you become a ore valuable entertainer which gives you an edge on your competitors. Their lightweight and compact design also allows for easy and safe transport between gigs or to and from trainings and fire jams. 

Perfectly weighted with custom designed high grade aluminium blanking plugs at each end of each staff, this maintains a perfectly even balance you can feel, providing just the right amount of momentum for smooth flow of the staff through the air, and is lightweight enough that manoeuvrability is not compromised allowing for the flawless execution of absolutely any firerspinning skill you can think of. The 16mm diameter of these staffs keeps the weight low for ease of manipulation and to accomodate tricks involving interweaving of the staffs, as well as release moves and passing of the staffs in amongst one another for dramatic effect. 

Further aiding mobility, manoeuvrability, and flow, your fire staffs will be equipped with  2mm thick, soft foam reinforced, high durability rubber grip handles. As you hold your fire staffs, the soft foam will hug your fingers providing perfect comfort, and the rubber will grip to your hand to prevent slipping during your routine, allowing for the impeccable execution of release moves. When releasing the staffs into the air, you will notice the impeccable consistency of the rotation during flight, a testament to the perfect balance in the design. Additionally, the foam layer within the handles will absorb the shock as you catch your staffs upon their descent. 

Your flame wicks are manufactured of a high grade, top quality Kevlar®-cotton compound, wrapped in abundance on each end of the staffs. This professionally considered ratio of Kevlar® and cotton is interwoven in such a way that ensures maximum absorption and retainment of fuel within the wick itself, minimising excess dripping and increasing the burn-time of the flame when ignited. Furthermore, the abundance of high thread count Kevlar® among the cotton provides reinforcement, like a protective skeleton that protects from degradation and increases the longevity of your wicks. 

When your first receive your brand new staffs, be sure to soak each wick for at least a few minutes in your firespinning fuel, just for the first ignition. Every other time, you are free to dip your wick for as long or as short as you wish. But it is a good idea for the first ever fuel submersion to be for 1 - 2 minutes, this will fully soak your wick ensuring the entire wick is fuelled up right through and the flame will not degrade the kevlar or cotton. This will make your wicks last a lot longer and save you money and precious time. 

The wicking arrangement on these particular Flash Twins consists of two, three inch wide Kevlar® wicks per staff, one on each end of each staff. 

As part of our quality guarantee, we here at Elitist offer a 6 month warranty on all fire equipment sold. We are confident the quality of our products will exceed your expectations. We are also more than happy to accept product returns should you happen to change your mind upon purchasing one of our products providing it has not been ignited. 

If you require any customisation to the design of this product, or have a completely different design in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us through our easy to access custom orders page as we are happy and excited to work with you in making your idea come to life.


 Staff Length 900mm each staff
Staff Diameter 15mm each staff
Wicks 2 x 3 inch x 400mm per staff
Handle Length 350mm